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  1. Attending every General Members' meeting — the only excuse is ill health and work commitments that you cannot re-arrange; if you can't attend a meeting then you must notify the Secretary or the President and give your regrets.

  2. Sharing the work by serving on the Board or one of the Committees — the various tasks will be divided up equally and according to your abilities.

  3. Learning all of the Co-op's policies, procedures, its By-Laws and the terms of its Occupancy Agreement — these are legal documents and you are expected to know and follow all of these rules.

  4. Respecting the rule of confidentiality. That is, in many ways the co-op is like a family and as a member of that family you will sometimes be given privileged information. This information may concern another member's private affairs, such as their finances or a personal problem they might be having. Whether you are serving on a particular Committee when you are given this info, or you hear it somehow in the co-op, it is your responsibility to keep it private and not talk about it outside the co-op.

  5. Paying your housing charge and other payments on time and according to the procedures outlined in the Financial policies - the co-op cannot afford late or nonpayment no matter what the reason

  6. Maintaining your own unit in good repair and keeping it clean according to the Maintenance policies - although you live in this unit, it is owned by everyone and you are personally responsible for its upkeep

  7. Having a positive attitude towards the co-op, your responsibilities and to your fellow members, is really helpful to the continuous growth of the co-op's health as a business and its community spirit. Although we can't regulate your attitudes, we can tell you with complete assurance that life in the coop will be a lot easier for you if you are positive. Being positive means:

  • Jumping in and taking responsibility,

  • Helping to solve problems when they arise,

  • Thinking more in terms of ‘us’ and less of ‘me’,

  • Avoiding gossip,

  • Being friendly and helpful to new members, etc.

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